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Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Aching muscles after a workout are good, right?

Many of us believe that if we are sore the day after a workout then we are getting the best benefit from that workout, going to fast too soon can lead to problems that can set us back on our journey or bring it to a grinding halt. This is especially important when it’s the first session after a long break, an injury, an illness or simply the first time we work out.


Starting too aggressively can lead to injury just when we are taking our first steps on our journey. Instead of going at it hell for leather try an incremented approach; build strong, solid foundations and build upon them. Yes, this may slow the journey but you will reach your goal quicker if you're not broken.

Loss of Motivation

Not being able to walk properly or lift your arms for 2-3 days after a workout effectively means you have overdone it. Train to train each day not once a year - sustainable consistency is what get us to our goals not random unfocused actions.

Becoming overawed

Its hard to create a healthier lifestyle, the smaller the changes we make in our current routine makes it more likely we can adopt them, not drop them. Setting our initial goals/workout plans too high will mean we become demotivated, fitness is supposed to be enjoyable. Find something that works and fits for you, after all this is your journey.

Don't be concerned if you are not sore after a workout. Your goal should not be to chase soreness but to enjoy the workout! Not being sore does not mean you did not have a great session. Ask yourself did you enjoy it?

Oh and please remember to warm up & cool down.

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