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Ew, look at his/her [insert negative body comment here].

You might be fixated on your flaws, but here are two truths for you to hold onto both in and out of fitness classes: no one else cares and no one else really sees them.

You see yourself all day long and have time to fixate on all of the minutiae of your body…but guess what? Everyone else is busy doing the same things about themselves!

Fitness classes are not beauty contests, and no one is there to pick anyone else apart. I’m not just saying this to boost your confidence and get you off of the sofa – it’s really true.

Wow, he/she really sucks at this!

Just like #1…no one cares.

If you’re in the middle of royally screwing something up during your fitness class, don't fret as we've all been there & done that too!

Go big. Take the risk. No one is looking. No one cares. You’re there for you, and they’re there for them. The instructor may make some corrections for your safety or to make sure you’re working hard enough, but those aren’t criticisms – that’s just to help you get what you came for!

Look at that outfit!

Some people wear different flawless, designer outfits to every workout. Some people are sporting the same pair of black sweatpants and their husbands t-shirt. As long as your various parts are sufficiently covered, no one cares what you’re wearing.

Wear what you like. Wear what is comfortable, and what inspires you to give your best effort. But dress for yourself, not for anyone else.

Don’t fear group fitness. Group fitness was my gateway into the gym world – I loved individual sports before I tried a group exercise class, but when I found Yoga and Pilates I was really hooked. Being part of a class motivated me to work out in a different way than individual workouts did: there’s a little friendly competition, there are other smiling (and sweating) faces there that encouraged me when I’m not sure I could do it, and there are deep and lasting friendships that started in those exercise studios.

Don’t be scared to start working out. Stop worrying about people staring at you and criticizing you, most are in the same boat and trying to concentrate on their own routine.

Realise this is your journey, not theirs, this is your health and future, not theirs. We are all at different points in our health journey, accept that, and continue to tell it to yourself. You may be walking slow and not going very far, BE PATIENT, any workout is better than no workout and ultimately it's YOUR workout.

Start a new workout program gently. If you start aggressively that you’re miserable and sore, you won’t be motivated to do it again. Gradually gain endurance and strength, swallow your pride and start slow.

Take it one day at a time. One step, one day, one week, one month – they all add up. You WILL get there, I promise, as long as you keep moving.

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